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Is it time to take action to improve your mental health and wellbeing?

Health & Wellbeing Coaching

I help stressed out women who struggle with comfort eating (or drinking) to improve their emotional wellbeing, take action and drop the guilt

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Confidential telehealth sessions from the comfort and privacy of your home using zoom, so you can take action now to improve your health & wellbeing

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Why work with Alison?

YOU are at the centre of the work we do together

I work with women like you,  who are seeking support to begin the process of change in their relationship with food, alcohol and themselves.

Change the Guilt. Change the Shame. Change the Self-doubt.

In a world that markets perfectionism and unattainable beauty standards, women are often left feeling like they just cannot keep up, feeling like they are just not good enough. Are you feeling stressed, wired and tired? When we feel stressed, what do we do? We often seek internal comfort and distraction from those negative feelings,

And how do women seek comfort? 

Some women will seek comfort from eating highly processed foods which are high in carbohydrates, fats and sugars.  Some will engage in drinking too much alcohol to cope. Others might seek out a Netflix binge. 

In essence, when we are stressed we are seeking coping strategies. We are  seeking relief from our negative emotions. In the early stages comfort eating (or drinking) triggers the release of chemicals (such as dopamine and serotonin) in our body that produce feelings of pleasure and happiness.

Over time we learn that this is how we cope, how we seek relief from stress. But what does it do to our health?

The consequences of this comfort eating and drinking can lead to weight gain, poor nutrition or poor self-image. It can  lead to health conditions such as anxiety, depression and or even type 2 diabetes.

Is it time for you to take action to change?

If you are seeking support to change, make a booking with the button at the top, or fill out the contact form below.


 Online Coaching

As a PreKure Advanced Mental Health Coach, I support women who want  to take the steps to improve their emotional  and physical wellbeing,  take action and drop the guilt

Comfort Eating

Food eaten to alleviate stress or negative emotions is often high in calories and affects our health.  Are you using food as a coping mechanism? Seek support for healthier habits

Kicking Alcohol

Is the 5 o'clock wine present in your life? Do you use it to switch off from the stressors of life and relax. Is it time to change the way you deal with stress and your relationship with alcohol?

Glucose Monitoring

As a qualified diabetes educator, I help you learn to understand how positive and sustainable lifestyle change can improve management of type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes

About me


 I am a busy mum, health professional and student.

I am a pharmacist, credentialled diabetes educator, nutritionist, and health coach. I am currently a student of herbal medicine and mind-based stress reduction techniques.

As a health professional, so much of the support I give to people is about giving people pills, educating them about their health condition or teaching them about healthy lifestyles. But often life gets in the way, nothing changes and I see them again next month/year.

There is a strong link between stress, mental health and our habits where we seek relief from these negative emotions. These habits can be associated with comfort eating and drinking.

This is why i completed the PreKure course in Advanced Mental Health Coaching (AMHC).

As a health & wellbeing coach, I help women identify and connect their emotional stresses with the habits where they seek relief. We identify desired change,  establish new sustainable lifestyle change to improve their emotional wellbeing and physical health. I support you to create and commitment to the change. Your way!

Support. Action. Accountability.

It brings me joy when I witness this transformation in women and their health.

Other stuff you may also want to know: 

I am an advocate of sustainable change and habits.
I am a big fan of holistic and natural health, clean eating, spending time in nature, jogging (let’s call it a shuffle) and motorbike riding.

Accreditations and Qualifications

Alison Crow B. Med Sc, M.Pharm. Grad Cert Diab Ed, P.Grad Human Nutr.
Registered Pharmacist (APHRA): PHA0001645513
Credentialled Diabetes Educator (ADEA): ADEA-CDE00028333
HCANZA Health Coach: 2022242
Student Enrolment: B. Herbal Med (Torrens University)

Mental health coaches trained by are trained to work with a range of mild-to-moderate mental health issues. I will refer clients outside of this range. 

Aas a mental health coach I use a range of tools and interventions to co-create (with a client/patient) a plan for change. These tools include a coach approach to mental health,  lifestyle medicine tools (exercise, mindfulness, nutrition, breathing, sleep),  acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT),  trauma informed and psychological first aid tools.

I refer outside of this scope, and mental health coaches are not a replacement for psychologists or psychiatrists. 

The full scope can be found at




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